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Our services include on-site catering for large & small events, office parties with freshly prepared foods & live Tandoor with freshly baked naan & gluten free breads.

We offer catering services for any type of event, big or small, including birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, corporate events, meetings and much more!.


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The Royal Tandoor | Birthday Parties


Do you have a birthday party around, and you’re looking for delicious edibles? Whether it is theme food or cooking around a trendy idea for your birthday, we will get it executed most impeccably.

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The Royal Tandoor | Weddings


Whether you’re looking for a big fat wedding or a minimalistic setup just with your homies and friends, our cuisines will add magic to your celebration. Royal Tandoor makes your wedding tasteful!

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The Royal Tandoor | Corporate Events


Official meetings can get a bit monotonous! We make your arrangements mellow with the right pinch of refreshments on the table!

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The Royal Tandoor | Get Together


Brunch, lunch or supper - there’s no particular time to meet a bunch of friends! Here at Royal Tandoor, we enhance your get-togethers by providing toothsome meals at any time of the day!

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The Royal Tandoor | Amazing Indian Dishes
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Amazing Indian Dishes To Give A Try !!

Our services include on-site catering freshly baked naan & gluten free breads.

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The Royal Tandoor | Indian cooking
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Indian cooking essentials!

Ever tasted Chicken Tikka Masala, Biryani, Chaat, Samosa, South Indian Food, Kebabs, Naan and realized...

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The Royal Tandoor | Proper Indian Dining
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Proper Indian Dining Etiquette

Similar to different culinary societies throughout the world, eating etiquette is vital ...

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